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Something to take with you...

​Hi, the Delivery Boy is back! So this past Saturday I delivered three wedding cakes. At two of them, I noticed that there were things to take home; favors, they call them.

If you have a cake crisis

Good morning, all you cake-lovers and blog-readers! I haven’t had much to say lately, having taken a couple of delivery days off to tend to other tasks (except that one of the ladies I work for talked me into...

King-sized Sheets?

​“A sheet is a sheet, right? That is, in the cake world, isn’t a ‘sheet’ cake a standard? A standard that is defined by certain dimensions in length, width, and height?”

Party Pictures

Hello from Cake Delivery Central, welcome back to the Musings of the Delivery Boy. First I'd like to recognize the efforts of the Cake Ladies in delivering a real 5-tier wedding cake this week.

More About "Faux" Cakes

Many of the readers of this blog are already aware that The Cake Boutique specializes in, among other things, the faux wedding cake concept.

The Cake, in 3D

Hi, it's the delivery boy again! Have you heard about 3D TV? it's supposed to be the next big thing. 3D movies, too--the movie Avatar made many millions because it was in 3D.

The Hallowed (reception) Halls

​Delivering wedding cakes gives me the chance to see a great many of the reception venues available to couples all over the northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania communities.

Musings of the Delivery Boy

​Hello cake connoisseurs, As someone who listens in on a lot of cake consultations at the Boutique, I often hear people ask what the advantages are of having a faux wedding cake.


Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Web home of The Cake Boutique. None of us is a web expert and we've never run a blog before, so please be patient. Send comments and suggestions on the site to brianangelo@hotmail.com !

The Tastiest Cake

Several awards last week at the American Cancer Society's Pink Ribbon Social: two for "Tastiest Cake," one rewarding feeling of a job well done, and one little step toward a cure!

The Cake Boutique

We are located in Trumbull County, Ohio and focus on the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys, especially Youngstown, Warren, Boardman, Canfield and Poland--but our services are available for any location in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. We have provided cakes for weddings at such varied locations as W. D. Packard Music Hall, McMenamy's Banquet Center, Leo's Ristorante, Avalon Inn's Grand Pavilion, DiViestie Banquet Rooms, and many others. We've gone as far as Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Akron so don't hesitate to talk to us about your more distant event!

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