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Hi, the Delivery Boy is back!

So this past Saturday I delivered three wedding cakes. At two of them, I noticed that there were things to take home; favors, they call them. I have seen many variations on this theme, from custom candies with the name of the happy couple, to engraved glasses or keepsakes, even wonderful icons reflecting the couple's religion. Many couples see this as a way to thank the friends who share their special day, and to help those friends remember. But one couple on Saturday gave me something that I will remember for a long time, and they probably don't even know I was there.

When I walked into a particular reception hall on Saturday, I was greeted by a sign that would be the first thing the guests would see. The sign said, in paraphrase: In lieu of favors, the couple has decided to make a contribution to a charity related to a particular disease, in the name of the bride's mother who is afflicted with that condition. I thought at the time what a wonderful gesture this was, but it wasn't until later that I was struck by its importance.

A couple who are getting married spends a great deal of time getting ready for the big day. The day is often particularly important to the bride, who prepares so that every little detail meets her requirements. Everything about that day is expected to focus on the couple; this includes the favors, which are to help the guests remember sharing a special day with a special couple. For a couple to take one part of that special day and wholeheartedly dedicate it to one of their parents is an act of selflessness that deserves to be noticed. I think the wedding day is a great time to salute people who have been instrumental in making the couple who they have become, and this couple made a beautiful statement about one of those people.

Yes, those guests walked out of the reception without an icon, or a personalized package of candy, or an engraved keepsake. But having been a part of such a special tribute is definitely something for them to take home...

(I've left out some details here--not our place to identify the couple or the charity. But my inner circle has been touched by the condition involved here, and I want them to know I personally thank them for this selfless act.)

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