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One Joyous Occasion to the Next

Ahhh, the busy season. Lots of delivering going on these days, which keeps me away from the keyboard most of the time. But I heard something the other day from a professional photographer and had to pass it along.

In recounting a conversation he had with an attendee at a workshop, this particular photographer used the phrase, “living from one joyous occasion to the next.” I immediately thought of the Cake Ladies and the type of work they do. Consider this: practically every project they work on, every order that comes through the door, and every product that goes out the door is connected to a joyous occasion. Weddings are obvious; never saw anyone more filled with joy than the bride and groom on their happy day. But besides weddings, we’ve seen showers, graduations, communions, mitzvahs, anniversaries, even divorces (which for some people represent a joyous occasion…). Imagine the good fortune it is to even just be the “delivery boy” for all of these grand occasions!

Most of you know I don’t make cakes. In fact, when it comes to art, I don’t have a creative bone in my body. But I sometimes, in this job, get the benefit of being in the right place at the right time. I delivered a shower cake to a hall one morning, for a shower that had been relocated because the original venue had closed up shop. The lady coordinating the shower was therefore pretty stressed out, and scrambling to put everything together at the last minute. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw that cake—tears in her eyes and everything. She spent ten minutes thanking me for the work that the Cake Ladies had done on that cake—even though I had nothing to do with it. I told her then something that I heard this same pro photographer say in the same conversation; it is an honor to be invited to share in such a joyous occasion. Even for me, just bringing the cake, it’s an honor to share in that moment when someone realizes that they’ve gotten the perfect cake for their event—“A memory that you can taste!”

On behalf of the ladies of The Cake Boutique I take this moment out of our busy summer schedule to say this: Thank you for letting us live from one joyous occasion to the next!

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