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...but somebody's gotta do it!

Yes, it’s been a while since I haunted this space. Gearing up for wedding season keeps a delivery boy busy. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! Which brings me to today’s topic, one I will cover in these column inches periodically throughout the season. It is this question which is asked regularly when the subject of delivery comes up: “What am I paying for?”

Today I got a lesson on that subject. I delivered a cake to my day job, where I happened to be going anyway, as is usually the case on a Tuesday. Today the real difficulty of my delivery job reared its head, more so than it usually does. True, I wasn’t delivering a wedding cake. Those are very heavy, and require a skilled hand to lift. They are poorly balanced, being pretty heavy on the top so they are hard to manage when getting them out of the vehicle. They usually are accompanied by sheet cakes, which means a specialized and fairly large vehicle like a van.

That’s some of what you’re paying for when you get delivery on a wedding cake, but that wasn’t my problem today.

This was a little cake. It fit securely on the front seat of my car. It was easy to lift out, and other than having to support it at the back (the seats slant down in the back, and I wanted the cake to sit flat), I had no problem with it. I did, however, put the seat belt across the box. See, even at the painfully early hour at which I leave for work, there are still people on the road. Sometimes they (or I) do dumb things. The ability to protect your cake from these “dumb things” is something I’ve learned—little tricks like the seat belt around the box keep your dessert from ending up on the floor. If I don’t do these things, accidents can have an unpleasant effect, especially when I have to call the Cake Ladies and let them know I broke one. It’s a risky job.

That’s some of what you’re paying for when you get delivery on a party cake, but that wasn’t my problem today.

I drove my usual route to work. I spend a lot of time in the car, as it takes me about 50 minutes to get to my office. That’s one of the reasons I am designated the “Delivery Boy”—I get a lot of practice behind the wheel. The long commute, though, uses a lot of gas…So does the typical Saturday during wedding season; of course, that’s some of what you’re paying for when you get delivery on ANY cake. Especially these days.

But none of that is what made me earn my delivery fee today.

Did I mention that the cake was right next to me on the front seat?

Did I mention that it was iced with buttercream?

Did I mention I had to spend almost an hour in the car with it and smell that buttercream all the way, without reaching over and cutting myself a piece of cake?

That ability to keep my hands off the precious cargo. The ability to ignore what is quite possibly the greatest aroma in our little part of the world. The fact that I can get the cake to you and only be “sort of” tempted to take a little taste. THAT is what you’re paying for when I bring your cake!

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