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We live in interesting times, in this business. I was surprised over the weekend to discover two new cake shops I hadn’t heard of in my so-called “market research,” which usually involves surfing around the Web reading what people are saying about local cakes. (And here you thought “delivery boy” just meant “get it there in one piece”—oh no, there’s research to be done here!) I find it interesting that there are at least three new companies in this space who either did not exist or were doing something totally different when the shop opened (March 6, 2010, in case you’re keeping score; one week short of a year). It seems that the "Cakery" field is, as they say, a popular place to be...

Now, please understand that we welcome other entrants to this market, for two reasons: first, competitive pressure is good for creativity; and second, we are a small shop and we can’t do all the cakes in the area (even though some weeks it feels like I am DELIVERING all of them!). But when more people are doing this kind of work it creates complexity for our customers. People want the best product, at the best price, and so they are sure that visiting all of these shops—whether old or new—will allow them to ensure that they get the best of both. Then there’s the variety of product offerings…there are some companies that specialize in wedding cakes; others that specialize in party cakes, theme or carved cakes, and image cakes; some who focus on cupcakes. There are those who are more into decoration, and others who focus on flavor.

The Cake Boutique focuses on all of the above.

This broad range of products is intended to help you make your decisions more easily, by giving you a “one-stop-shop” for all of your cake needs. Cupcakes? Got ‘em. Traditional cakes? Of course. Party cakes? You’ve seen the Web site; we have some of the most creative minds in the area, and they’re on top of it. A wedding cake constructed of a combination of cupcakes, faux cakes and traditional cakes, with cookies to go along with it, and a carved groom’s cake in the shape of a dinosaur? Just ask (but give them a bit of notice for that one…)!

Another difference: there are people in the business who are working from home (as our beloved “Cake Ladies” once did), and those who manage a commercial facility for the production side of the cake business. Why does this matter? Well, we know that there are occasionally conditions which require the fast turnaround of a product—changed your mind on a flavor at the last minute? Got a late sample of the color and it doesn’t match the one you provided earlier? Final guest count higher than you anticipated? The people who are going to be able to accommodate these requests are those who have high-volume commercial equipment and the staff to run that equipment to meet your needs. And we know this better than most, because the leadership of The Cake Boutique came from the home-bakery side of the business—both ladies still maintain state-licensed kitchens in their homes for emergencies!

In short, I just have to recommend that you visit with Stella or Penny for a consultation before you sign up for a cake for your big event. There’s a lot of products in our market. But there’s only one Cake Boutique. Take my word for it, I spend a little bit of time there.

As always, I hope to deliver for you soon!

The Cake Boutique

We are located in Trumbull County, Ohio and focus on the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys, especially Youngstown, Warren, Boardman, Canfield and Poland--but our services are available for any location in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. We have provided cakes for weddings at such varied locations as W. D. Packard Music Hall, McMenamy's Banquet Center, Leo's Ristorante, Avalon Inn's Grand Pavilion, DiViestie Banquet Rooms, and many others. We've gone as far as Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Akron so don't hesitate to talk to us about your more distant event!

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