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If you have a cake crisis

Good morning, all you cake-lovers and blog-readers! I haven’t had much to say lately, having taken a couple of delivery days off to tend to other tasks (except that one of the ladies I work for talked me into delivering a wedding cake IN MY CAR last weekend—hadn’t done that before!). But a couple of requests came in to the Boutique recently which are driving me to comment--these being last-minute, urgent requests for wedding cakes. I call these kind of events "A Cake Crisis."

I’ve talked at length about the advantages of faux cakes—they’re lighter, less expensive, easier for the Delivery Boy (not that anyone should care about that), allow for more creativity on the part of the designer, and so on and on. I’ve never said a whole lot about what happens to the cakes after they are returned. You see, as part of the contract for a faux wedding cake, the couple agrees to return (or arrange for the return of) the bottom portion of the cake, as well as the stand if one is provided. Because so many of the cakes are custom-designed, you can imagine that we have a lot of cakes at the shop. And this, of course, makes you ask the question… “So what, Delivery Boy? Why would we, your loyal readers, possibly care about this?”

Well, let me tell you… When one is planning a wedding, there are many details to be handled. The couple might spend a year working to make sure everything gets arranged, with checklists and files and folders and all kinds of tools to make sure that the day comes together. There are usually a number of people involved—the bride, the groom, many family members, and sometimes even a wedding planner. Inevitably, though, something falls through the cracks, and that usually leads to a phone call asking the Cake Ladies if they can provide a wedding cake on two weeks’ notice. For most suppliers, this would be an absolute deal-breaker. NOT SO for The Cake Boutique, of course… Because we have an entire showroom full of faux wedding cakes! See something you like? We’ll put a real layer on the top, dress it up a bit, maybe change a ribbon to match your colors, and you’re on your way! Give the ladies your wishes and they’ll make sure you have sheet cakes to serve, too—and I, your humble Delivery Boy, will make sure it all gets there on time.

Are you getting that with a traditional all-real wedding cake on a couple of weeks’ notice? I would be very surprised.

Of course, the lovely ladies of the Boutique will be much happier if you come in months in advance and get exactly what you want (and help them balance the schedule), but if it’s the last minute, and you have a wedding cake emergency…you can bet that there will be a cake waiting for you in the window at The Cake Boutique!

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