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King-sized Sheets?

“A sheet is a sheet, right?

That is, in the cake world, isn’t a ‘sheet’ cake a standard?

A standard that is defined by certain dimensions in length, width, and height?”

So began a conversation between the Cake Lady and the Delivery Boy (who in his non-Delivery Boy life expects to have everything defined by certain dimensions). I was expecting to get the dimensions of a sheet cake so I could figure out how many servings and give that info to a possible customer. By the end of this conversation I had figured out why the Cake Ladies didn’t want me talking to customers. It turned out that I didn’t have a single clue what I was talking about when it came to cakes.

I suspect many of you have the same impressions about sheet cakes as I did during that time. After all, the local mass-market bakeries, usually housed inside large grocery stores, have a pretty common size for the “sheet cake.” It is intended to serve around 50 people with a 2 inch piece of cake. The other grocers sell just about the same thing. So I, like most people, would go to The Cake Boutique and tell the ladies I need a sheet cake. Luckily they know that most people DON’T know what the Boutique’s sheet cakes are all about, so they ask—“How many people?” That’s the key. See, a well-built sheet cake from The Cake Boutique will feed 90 to 100 people, comfortably (assuming the cutting is done carefully) This is especially important when people are ordering the servings that go along with a faux cake—when a wedding has between 200 and 250 guests, two sheets is usually enough. But a similar party coming from the grocery bakery would require at least four sheets.

What’s the secret? All of the sheet cakes from The Cake Boutique are double layers with filling in between—and it’s a generous amount of cake, filling and icing. (In fact, as the Delivery Boy, I often have problems with this generosity, because the boxes that are available for sheet cakes are not tall enough to house a Cake Boutique cake…but that’s not your problem!) So the slices are so high that they don’t have to be as thick, so your guests/party-goers/friends/family get a big enough serving without you ordering way too much cake.

Call any time and make an appointment for a consultation, to get your special occasion cake from The Cake Boutique. But remember…

A sheet is NOT just a sheet anymore!

Thanks for listening, see you on the next delivery!

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