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More About "Faux" Cakes

Many of the readers of this blog are already aware that The Cake Boutique specializes in, among other things, the faux wedding cake concept. As one of the pioneering providers of such cakes in Northeast Ohio, the Boutique helped to bring this idea to the forefront locally. I posted a couple of weeks ago the virtues of the faux cake concept, noting that as the Delivery Boy, I have a particular fondness for faux cakes—they weigh much less than the equivalent real cake, and can be mostly assembled at the Boutique rather than at the reception location.

Since that post, I’ve had a number of people ask me for more details about the faux cake idea. So if you’re not familiar, let me lay out the life of a wedding cake: the cake is placed in its prominent position in the reception hall; the guests come in and marvel over its beauty and grace for a moment before taking their seats; the happy couple cuts their first slice, and hopefully skips the step of mashing it in each other’s face; the cake is taken to the food preparation area for cutting; the individual slices are either taken to the guests at their seats or returned to the cake table.

Now consider this: what part of that life cycle requires that the entire wedding cake “display” be made of real cake? Suppose—just suppose—that the wedding cake that the guests see has a real layer on the top, and the remaining layers are decorated in EXACTLY the same materials but those materials are over a foam core. And that in the food preparation area there were sheet cakes in varying flavors available for cutting and serving. What the guests would see is the same, and what they would taste is the same, but there would be a lot of difference behind the scenes—including a significant cost savings for the bride and groom. The cake can be mostly finished several days before the wedding and the bride and groom can have a chance to see the cake (electronically or in person) before the wedding to make sure they are happy with their design. A small wedding can have a large wedding cake without wasting a tremendous amount of actual cake. AND, at additional cost, the bride and groom can arrange to keep their cake as a keepsake from their special day—much the same as a bride would keep and preserve her wedding dress!

As always, no question that if you want a real wedding cake, your humble Delivery Boy will get it to the hall on time and without a scratch. But always keep in mind that for a wedding, there are many great advantages to the faux cake concept, and the cake ladies will be very happy to schedule a consultation to review all of these advantages.

Thanks for listening—and we hope to see you soon!

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