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First Comes Love...

I spend a lot of time in this space talking about wedding cakes. I think that might be a selfish thing, since most of my work for The Cake Boutique is delivering those cakes to the places of celebration. But of course, the ladies of the Boutique make a lot of other kinds of cakes, too. And those are all available for delivery! I find that there is a progression that follows the old children’s rhyme—the one that includes the phrase, “First comes love/Then comes marriage…”

For example, before there’s a bride and groom, there is often a bridal shower. Naturally (at least to us), this means a cake. There are alternatives—cupcakes, cake balls, and so forth—but it’s generally accepted that there is some kind of cake involved. Then comes the rehearsal dinner, which has increasingly become an addition to the wedding cake planning process. Consider this, for example: the Cake Ladies are making a wedding cake for a Saturday wedding; it’s not that difficult to have cupcakes made in the same flavors to treat the few dozen people at the rehearsal dinner. Just let the Boutique know a couple of weeks in advance, and… bingo! Dessert for the party, reasonably priced, complementary to the next day’s wedding cake, and—of course--delivered!

But then, quite often, the next big event is the baby shower. The Cake Boutique gets a lot of calls down the road from wedding cake customers who are looking for a baby shower cake, which brings us to today’s real subject—the Gender Reveal Cake! The idea here is that the expectant parents who want to know the gender of their child can have their doctor provide the gender test results to the Cake Ladies instead of the parents. The parents design a cake of their choice, right down to every detail except the color of the filling or icing inside the cake—this is provided in pink or blue, depending on the information provided by the doctor’s office. Then at the baby shower, or whatever event is chosen by the parents, the “big reveal” is done’ by cutting the cake. Everybody finds out at the same time, and the big emotional moment is shared by all.

Today Stella took part in a great Gender Reveal for the morning co-host at a local television station. You can find a video of that event on the Cake Boutique fan page, www.facebook.com/thecakeboutique. It was a great thing to watch, as Jim Loboy from WYTV cut into Penny’s fabulous creation, in order to find out what kind of fabulous creation he and his wife were about to have! We, of course, wish them the best of good health and good fortune, and remind them (and all of you) that The Cake Boutique is a great place to get a cake for Baby's First Birthday!

So whatever may be the next big event in your life, rest assured that the lovely and talented ladies of The Cake Boutique have new and different ways to create a “Memory You Can Taste!”

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