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A Truly GRAND Announcement

As the self-appointed “marketing staff” at The Cake Boutique, your humble delivery boy is always looking for ways to promote the wonderful products the Cake Ladies produce. I take great pleasure in introducing the cakes and treats to new customers and pitching them on why they should try one of everything and two of most. I pass out as many business cards as I can get my hands on, leaving them in banquet halls, with facilities managers, even parents at kids’ birthday parties (last weekend at the Skate Zone). But ultimately, it’s been my experience that the best marketing for a cake shop is—literally—“word of mouth.” The Cake Boutique’s customers are absolutely the best at this!

Every Friday and Saturday, somebody—or lots of somebodies—will come through the door asking to buy a cake, cupcakes, or some other treat for an event to which they’re going right then. The Cake Ladies are always saddened by the looks when they hear, “Sorry, all of our products are made to order…” It seems that the most common reason for people stopping by to get something from the Boutique is that the new customer has “heard so much about you from so-and-so who gets all of her cakes from you!” It’s clear that this word-of-mouth is the best advertising that The Cake Boutique can get, and we thank each and every one of our customers for it. The problem is that up until now we have seen a lot of disappointed faces on folks as they walk away on Fridays and Saturdays.

Yes, that was “up until now…”

Here it comes, the GRAND re-opening of counter sales at The Cake Boutique! Go back a bit in this blog and recall that The Delivery Boy wrote a history of the Boutique to introduce you to the fact that impulse buyers will now be able to get the best desserts and cakes in the area! You’ll see that on October 1, The Cake Boutique will start selling these treats to walk-in customers on Fridays from 10 to 5 and Saturdays from 10 to 3! There will be limited flavors in limited quantities, so DO make sure you get there early! I’m sure those who are early enough will have much happier looks on their faces when they walk out the door!

Hope to see all of you on Fridays and Saturdays, starting October 1, 2011—and please help us to spread the word!

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We are located in Trumbull County, Ohio and focus on the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys, especially Youngstown, Warren, Boardman, Canfield and Poland--but our services are available for any location in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. We have provided cakes for weddings at such varied locations as W. D. Packard Music Hall, McMenamy's Banquet Center, Leo's Ristorante, Avalon Inn's Grand Pavilion, DiViestie Banquet Rooms, and many others. We've gone as far as Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Akron so don't hesitate to talk to us about your more distant event!

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