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Is it wrong?

So… I spend a bit of time on the wedding boards at a couple of different Web sites, looking for new ideas that I can share with the Cake Ladies in exchange for some free samples. (Note that this doesn’t usually work, so it won’t do you any good to start emailing them product suggestions. Not a lot of extra cake laying around in our world!) One of the things I’ve noticed that seems to be common among the posts by brides (and occasionally grooms) on these boards: the phrase “is it wrong…” at the beginning of a sentence. Most of the time that precedes something about what flavor, cake and dessert alternatives, faux vs real cakes, flavors, groom’s cakes, and so forth.

For some reason, this feels a bit strange to me. As one who has been through this process relatively recently, it’s hard to imagine the couple having to ask if something they WANT is “wrong.” (Grooms, I know what you’re thinking, and you don’t have to email me. I get it. Notice that I said “the couple” and “they.” I did that on purpose.) If it’s really what they want, how could it be “wrong”? Of course, sometimes this means less business for The Cake Boutique, because some people are asking, “is it wrong for us to not want to have a wedding cake?” I understand that for some people, the cake is not their thing. Some aren’t cake fans, and others want to “just say no” to anything that even resembles tradition! To those people, I say, do what you want—it’s your day, and nothing you choose for your day can be wrong (as long as the couple agrees…or if you can’t agree, see Wedding Rule #1, which according to my notes from a few years back says that the bride casts the deciding vote).

For those who decide to forgo the traditional wedding cake (that being multiple tiers, matching colors to the wedding party’s dresses and/or accessories, and so on), consider these alternatives: cupcakes in a variety of flavors. Lots of extra cookies on the cookie table (or “dessert room” if you are so fortunate!). Cake Balls, either on the individual tables or in the same location as the cookies. Cake pops or push-ups, the latter of which can double as take-home favors if you wish. Even special custom cookies featuring the couple's initials! Of course, all of these options can be found at The Cake Boutique, in an amazing variety. So you can come to the Boutique for just what you want, and create your own “Memory You Can Taste!” And you’ll never have to wonder, because on YOUR day, “just what you want” is NEVER wrong!

Just a reminder: starting October 1, 2011 there will be a limited number of special Cake Boutique items available at the shop during the normal business hours on Friday (10AM to 5PM) and Saturday (10AM to 3PM). Get them before they’re gone, and call the shop –(330) 395-CAKE—to see what flavors they will have on the day you’re coming!

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